Our Team

We have been operating for over 10 years, and our team members have participated in various IT competitions such as Estoskills, Euroskills, Worldskills, Taitaja, and contribute annually to the NATO cyber defense exercise called Locked Shields. Professional development and gaining experience in the field are important, but in addition, our team members are technology enthusiasts outside of work. By combining professional experience with personal interests, we can solve even the most complex problems or expectations.

portrait of Madis Männik

Madis Männik

portrait of Timo Triisa

Timo Triisa

Development Team Lead
portrait of Kristo Tammsoo

Kristo Tammsoo

System Administrator
portrait of Tarvo Heinroos

Tarvo Heinroos

System Administrator
portrait of Villem Kasemets

Villem Kasemets

Software Developer
portrait of Martin Makejev

Martin Makejev

Software Developer
portrait of Rene Iliste

Rene Iliste

Strategic Manager

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